DB15HD High Density Extension Cables

<b>EXT15HD-6</b> (Male to Female)

EXT15HD-6 (Male to Female)
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<b>EXT15HD-6</b> (Male to Female)
Female Connector
Male Connector
  • DB15 High Density 3-row connectors:
    DB15HD connector
  • Extends all 15 lines straight through
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General Description

These are extender cables for devices which use a DB-15HD (high density) connector. Although VGA monitors typically use this connector, these cables are not designed for the high frequency signals used in video monitor cables (the monitor would work but you would likely notice "shadows" or "ghosting" on your monitor). These cables are designed for general purpose use (controls, data aquisition, etc).

All 15 pins are extended, and the wiring is straight-through (pin 1 to pin 1, 2 to 2, ...) including a foil shield around the cable and connecting the shells. The wire gauge is 28AWG. These cables are beige in color. These cables have 3-row high density connectors. For cables with 2-row DB15 connectors (standard density) please click here.

Technically, the correct term for a DB15HD connector is DE15, but that term is not commonly used.

Product Details

  • All pins wired 1:1 (e.g pin 1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin 2, etc.)
  • 28 AWG conductors
  • Foil shielded

Pricing and Ordering

Product # Description 1+ 10+ RoHS Buy Now
EXT15HD-3 DB15HD Extension Cable, Male-Female, 3Ft $5.60 $5.10  Yes
EXT15HD-6 DB15HD Extension Cable, Male-Female, 6Ft $6.40 $5.75  Yes
EXT15HD-10 DB15HD Extension Cable, Male-Female, 10Ft $7.50 $6.75  Yes

RoHS   Yes
DB15HD Extension Cable, Male-Female, 3Ft
RoHS   Yes
DB15HD Extension Cable, Male-Female, 6Ft
RoHS   Yes
DB15HD Extension Cable, Male-Female, 10Ft

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