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We offer a large selection of connection accessories and other electrical products for immediate shipment. Browse our selection to find breakout boards, cables, control modules, DIN rail hardware, and much more.

Featured Products

Breakout Boards

Make quick and easy connections to many popular connectors. No soldering required!

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Breakout Boards with Enclosures

Protect your connections with these sturdy enclosed breakout boards. No soldering required!

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Breakout Boards with Pluggable Terminals

Pluggable terminal blocks make these breakouts flexible and modular.

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DIN Rail Brackets

Mount your own devices on DIN rail with our variety of mounting clips and brackets.

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DIN Mounting Plates

Universal mounting plates for mounting your devices to DIN rail.

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DIP Adapters

Quickly connect to a variety of DIP packages with screw terminals. No soldering required!

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Breadboard Adapters

Adapt a variety of connectors to pin spacing compatible with breadboards and perf boards.

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Relay Modules

Quickly implement relay control of your devices with off-the-shelf relay modules; TTL control logic options available.

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Ethernet I/O Control

Monitor and control devices anywhere on a network; includes PC interface libraries.

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We stock cables for a variety of electrical connectors -- DSUB, RJ45, RJ50, VHDCI, and more.

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Adapters & Couplers

Inline couplers, panel mount couplers, gender changers, and more.

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