DB15HD Splitter (Y) Cables


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CDY15HDMFF (Male Connector)
CDY15HDMFF (Female Connectors)
  • DB15 High Density 3-row connectors:
    DB15HD connector
  • Y connection cable
  • One Male connector; two Female connectors
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General Description

These 'Y' cables contain a DB15-HD (high density) male connector on one end and two (2) DB15-HD female connectors on the other end. Use these cables to connect two devices to a single DB15HD port (thus forming a 'Y' or 'T' connection). All 15 pins are wired to all connectors, and the pin wiring is 1:1 (ie pin 1 to pin 1; pin 2 to pin 2, etc). A foil shield surrounds the cable conductors and connects the metal DSUB shells. The wire gauge is 28AWG. These cables are gray in color.

Note that the DB15HD connector has 3 rows of pins. Technically, the correct term for a DB15HD connector is DE15, but that term is not commonly used.

The cable ends are shown below:

DB15HD Male
DB15HD Male
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DB15HD Female
DB15HD Female
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These Y cables are ideal for connecting multiple devices to a single connector. This is especially convenient when equipment implements multiple I/O functions on a single interface port, in which case more than one device may need simultaneous access to the port connector.

Possible applications:

  • Elecraft K3 Radio Accessory 'ACC' Port Splitter
  • Any interface port containing multiple I/O lines

CDY15HDMFF-1 is temporarily out of stock. Estimated availability in early September 2019.

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