DIN Rail Mounting Plate for Raspberry Pi


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DINP07-PI01 (Bottom Side)
DINP07-PI01 with Raspbery Pi on DIN Rail
  • Mount your Raspberry Pi device on a DIN rail
  • Mount Pi 1, 2, 3, & 4 Models A/A+, B/B+ and Model Zero/Zero W
  • Sturdy construction
  • Right-angle design saves valuable space on DIN rail
  • Plate size: approx 2.75" x 3.4"
  • Screws and nylon standoffs included
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General Description

Use these sturdy DIN rail mounting plates to mount your device to a standard 35mm DIN rail. This product features a flat plate mounting surface to which you can mount your device, and a metal DIN rail bracket secures the plate to the DIN rail. The pre-drilled holes in the plate make it simple and easy to attach your device to the plate using the included screws and nylon standoffs.

Pre-drilled holes are located to accommodate Model A/A+, Model B/B+, and Zero/Zero W varieties of Raspberry Pi devices (includes Pi 1, 2, 3, & 4). Simply attach the included nylon standoffs to the plate, and screw the Arduino device to the standoffs (screws included).

The 'right angle' design of this product allows you to mount devices perpedicular to the DIN rail, increasing device density. You can mount Raspbery Pi devices at a fraction of the horizontal space they would normally consume.

The mounting plate is made of sturdy 0.125" thick FR4 material (glass-reinforced epoxy laminate material). It comes with a sturdy steel DIN rail bracket (part# DINM31) installed on the plate. The steel brackets may be purchased alone if you desire the bracket without the adapter plate.

These adapter plates are alternately known as DIN rail mounting plates, DIN adapter plates, DIN rail brackets, etc. We sell many varieties of universal DIN rail mounting plates and DIN rail brackets for numerous applications.

Application Examples

The photo below shows a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B mounted to this product, which is mounted on a DIN rail.

Front View of Device Mounted on DIN Plate and on DIN Rail
Front View of Application
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Installation and Removal

Mounting your Raspberry Pi Device to the Plate

To mount your Raspberry Pi device, first attach the nylon standoffs to the plate in the appropriate locations using the included flat-head screws. Then, attach your device to the nylon standoffs using the included pan-head screws.

Installing on DIN Rail

The plate assembly is easily attached and detached from the DIN rail. When on the rail, the steel bracket latches to the rail on both the top and bottom lips of the rail. The bracket should be oriented such that the "fixed" (non spring-loaded) end of the bracket mounts to the top of the DIN rail, thus allowing the fixed end to bear the load. The spring-loaded sliding hooks will then grip the bottom of the DIN rail. This arrangement provides the greatest rigidity and load capacity.

There are two methods for removing the assembly from the DIN rail:

  • Release Handle: To remove the plates from a DIN rail using the release handle on the bracket, either pull the handle from the bottom edge of the bracket, or push the handle down from the top edge of the bracket. This releases the sliding hooks that grip the bottom of the rail and allows the bottom edge of the bracket to swing out away from the DIN rail. The entire plate and your mounted device can then be lifted off the DIN rail.
  • Push & Pivot: A simpler method, however, is to push up on the mounted device, pivot the top of the device out away from the rail, and lower the entire device off the rail. This technique does not require access to the release handle on the bracket which makes this method easier.

Stacking a Hat on the Raspberry Pi

With the nylon standoffs already installed in the plate (with the four flat-head screws), attach the Raspberry Pi to the standoffs. Instead of using the pan-head screws, use M-F standoffs with #2-56 threads. The height of the header on the hat will vary somewhat based on the particular hat being used, so be sure to check what standoff length is appropriate for your particular application. An example part number that results in a between-board distance of 0.5" is 4505-256-N from RAF Electronic Hardware, available from Digikey. Once the Pi has been secured using the M-F standoffs, the hat can be installed onto the Pi's header, and can be secured using the 4 pan-head screws.

Product Documents

Part #DescriptionPDF DrawingDWG DrawingIGES ModelSTEP Model
DINP07-PI01DIN Plate, for Raspberry PiPDF DWG IGES CAD

DIN Plate, for Raspberry Pi


Product Details

  • Mount Pi 1, 2, 3, & 4 Models A/A+, B/B+ and Model Zero/Zero W
  • Plate size: approx 2.75" x 3.4"
  • Screws and nylon standoffs included
  • Constructed of 0.125" thick FR4 material
  • 25mm wide right angle steel DIN bracket
  • Clips onto 35mm DIN rail
  • Color: Black
  • DIN Rail and Raspberry Pi not included

Pricing and Ordering

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DINP07-PI01 DIN Rail Mounting Plate, Right Angle, for Raspberry Pi Modules; with Steel Bracket; for 35mm DIN Rail; with #2-56 screws / standoffs. $13.35 $12.20 $12.00 $11.15  Yes

RoHS   Yes
DIN Rail Mounting Plate, Right Angle, for Raspberry Pi Modules; with Steel Bracket; for 35mm DIN Rail; with #2-56 screws / standoffs.

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