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New Breakout Boards


Breakout Board
Arduino Breakout Boards

New breakout boards for Arduino (Uno, Micro, Nano, MKR) allow quick and secure connections to each pin via screw terminals. Several devices and mounting options are available.


Breakout Board
DB50 Slim Profile Breakout Boards

Easily connect wires to your equipment with these slim profile breakout boards. These are small enough to mount directly to your equipment with no intermediate cables.


Breakout Board
IDC50 Breakout with Spring Terminals

Quickly break out standard header cables to spring terminal connection points. Wiring is easy and quick.


Breakout Board
Banana Jack Breakout Boards

Easily transition from banana plugs to discrete wires. DIN rail mounting is available.


M8 Breakout
M8 Panel Mount Breakout Boards

Terminate discrete wires at a panel mounted M8 breakout board. Several varieties are available.


8P8C Bus Board
RJ45 Buss Breakout Board

Nine bussed connectors and screw terminals provide multiple connection points for 8P8C connectors.


DIN 41612 Breakout
DIN 41612 Breakout Board

Now stocking DIN 41612 Male Style C and Female Style R connector options


Diagnostic Breakout Boards

Insert these boards inline to easily access signals or to interrupt or inject signals for diagnostics. Numerous connectors are available.

New DIN Rail Products


DIN Plate
DIN Rail Adapter Plates

Mount devices to DIN rail with ease. Choose from a variety of sizes and options -- parallel, perpendicular, mounting holes, velcro straps, etc.


DIN Bracket
Right Angle DIN Rail Brackets

Maximize DIN rail space by mounting larger devices perpendicular to the rail.

New Signal Modules


Fiber Optic Module
Fiber Optic Modules

Provides 2 channels of fiber optic communication; easily transmit signals for long distances in noisy environments.


CMP Module
Comparator Module

Provides 2 comparator channels with flexible, adjustable setpoints. DIN rail mounting is available.

New Relays


Relay Module
Small Signal Relays

Reliably switch low-level signals with these small-signal relay modules. These feature TTL logic level inputs and several coil voltage options.

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