Custom Products

Need a Custom Product?

Do you need something a little different than what we offer in stock? It might be more affordable than you think. We have built numerous custom products, ranging from minor modifications to entire new designs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


In general, it works best when the customer needs more than just a couple pieces; depending on the product, approximately 20 - 50 pieces minimum is a decent rule of thumb. In this way, design charges can be distributed across the entire build, reducing the effective 'per piece' cost.

In some cases, custom requests have resulted in new products which Winford added to our own stocked product lineup, in which case the customer paid no design costs at all. When this approach is relevant, it works out well for all involved. The customer gets the required product without design costs and with very low minimum quantity, and Winford is able to add a new and relevant product to our lineup.

Browse the gallery below to see some examples of custom products. Please contact us if we can be helpful in your next project. There is no charge for consultations.

Custom Product Gallery

Breakout Boards

A customer needed two connectors on a single board, with a subset of the connector pins brought out to screw terminals. For boards like this one, quantities as low as a couple dozen boards can often be built for a reasonable cost.
One customer liked our stocked TTA3510-FT board but needed a terminal block and the mounting hardware removed. We did a custom run for this customer, and the piece cost was actually lower than the stocked item.
This customer needed some additional connection points added to our stocked breakout board. We did several small custom builds for this customer, adding in spring terminals to supplement the screw terminals.
Our customer wanted to use our stocked BRKDD37MFV1-S-DIN breakout board, but they required a DIN rail carrier rather than DIN clips. We built several small runs for this customer.
One customer needed four Mini D-Ribbon connectors brought out to screw terminals, but also needed some custom interconnections among those connectors. We built a small run to meet their requirements.
A simple connector orientation change is all that distinguishes this board from our stocked products. We built a custom run of boards with right-angle connectors to meet the needs of a customer.
This board is very similar to our BRKSD37F-R board, but only a subset of the pins are broken out to screw terminals. A header has been added to facilitate customer needs.
Our customer needed a special adapter board to break out several conductors from a connector on their controller. This board brings 3 conductors of a 50-pin Half-Pitch DSUB connector out to screw terminals for easy access.


Our customer needed a board to adapt from a DB9 connector to a card edge connection. We built this custom board to meet their requirements.
One customer needed a way to easily terminate wires to a thru-panel M12 connection. Winford designed and built this board to meet their requirements.
One customer needed a way to easily terminate wires to a thru-panel DB9 connection. Winford designed and built this board to meet their requirements.


One customer needed a short, compact DB9 ribbon cable with very specific mounting hardware. We built these cables in-house to meet their requirements.

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