Null Modem Cables

<b>NMC9F9F-6</b> (Female to Female)

NMC9F9F-6 (Female to Female)
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<b>NMC9F9F-6</b> (Female to Female)
<b>DB9 Female Connector</b>
  • Compact null modem serial connection
  • Provides "cross-over" connection for serial devices
  • DB9 Female connector on each end
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General Description

These Null Modem cables can be used to connect two serial ports together, allowing communication between them. The Transmit signal of one side is connected to the Receive signal of the other. Flow control lines and other signals are also connected. Applications include PC serial communications and other devices.

The exact connections are as follows:

SignalDB9 PinDB9 PinSignal
DTR (Data Terminal Ready)46, 1DSR (Data Set Ready), Carrier Detect
DSR (Data Set Ready), Carrier Detect6, 14DTR (Data Terminal Ready)
RTS (Request to Send)78CTS (Clear to Send)
CTS (Clear to Send)87RTS (Request to Send)

Pricing and Ordering

Product # Description 1+ 10+ RoHS Buy Now
NMC9F9F-6 Null Modem Cable, DB9 Female to DB9 Female, 6 Ft $3.99 $3.75  Yes

RoHS   Yes
Null Modem Cable, DB9 Female to DB9 Female, 6 Ft

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