ETH32 Downloads

ETH32 Downloads

The following downloads are available for the ETH32 product.

Product Documents

Part #DescriptionDocument
ETH32 - User ManualETH32 User ManualPDF
ETH32 - APIETH32 API DocumentationPDF
ETH32 - ProtocolETH32 Communication Protocol (for advanced users)PDF
ETH32 - Config ProtocolETH32 UDP Configuration Protocol (for advanced users)PDF
ETH32 - User Manual

ETH32 User Manual


ETH32 API Documentation

ETH32 - Protocol

ETH32 Communication Protocol (for advanced users)

ETH32 - Config Protocol

ETH32 UDP Configuration Protocol (for advanced users)


ETH32 Files Distribution

The support files contained on the ETH32 Product Disc are available for download here. This includes all of the documentation above as well as the ETH32 API libraries for Linux and Windows, example source code, and the ETH32 network configuration utility. These files are available as a zip file download or as an executable installer for Windows users.
  • ZIP  ETH32 Product Support Files, Release 2.04
         - OR -
  • Installer  ETH32 Windows Installer, Release 2.04
  • Updated Nov 2, 2022: Distribution v2.04 released, which includes updated user manual, reflecting the fact that a printed user manual is no longer included in the package.
  • Updated March 23, 2016: Distribution v2.03 released, which includes API v2.01, fixing a bug where old reponse data could get passed to the PC software application in certain scenarios.

REALbasic Support

For our customers who program using REALbasic, we are pleased to make REALbasic support available for the ETH32. This is a user-provided REALbasic API that is very similar to the .NET ETH32 API. This download also includes an example program demonstrating the use of the REALbasic ETH32 API, simple instructions on how to use the API in your project, and an ETH32 network configuration program written in REALbasic. While this code has not been tested to the extent of the main API and libraries, Winford Engineering will be maintaining this code and fixing any bugs that we are made aware of.

ETH32 API Source Code

Advanced users may wish to download the source code for the ETH32 API. The ETH32 API is provided on the product disc in binary form for Windows and Linux (Intel) platforms. You may modify the source in accordance with the license terms and compile it on other platforms if you desire. Please note that while Winford Engineering fully supports the ETH32 API, we do not provide support for the process of compiling the API on your system. If one of the precompiled versions of the API does not meet your needs and you are having trouble compiling the API from the source code, you may feel free to contact Winford Engineering, but depending on the nature and extent of the problem, we may or may not be able to provide an answer.

The following license terms apply to the ETH32 API source code:

Winford Engineering grants permission to use, modify, and distribute the ETH32 API, in source or binary form, in any application in which the ETH32 API is used to communicate with or control Winford Engineering's ETH32 device.

For commercial users, the ETH32 API source may not be used for purposes other than controlling Winford Engineering's ETH32 device.

For non-commercial users, Winford Engineering also grants permission to use and modify the ETH32 API source code, even in cases where it is not being used to communicate with or control Winford Engineering's ETH32 device.

If you modify the ETH32 API source code, you may distribute it in source or compiled binary form, provided that you clearly specify that the files you are distributing were modified and are NOT the original files provided by Winford Engineering.

When distributing the ETH32 API source code, all copyright notices and this LICENSE.txt file must be included in the distribution.

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