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PCB Screw Terminal Blocks, 3.5mm


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Screw Terminal Block - Front Screw Terminal Block - Bottom

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General Description

These screw terminals feature a quality "elevator screw clamp" design instead of the cheaper "leaf spring" style. This provides for secure clamping of the wire and a long product life.

These terminal blocks are designed to snap together, allowing you to make a terminal strip as long as necessary.


  • Pitch between pins: 3.5 mm
  • Wire size range: 16 AWG to 26 AWG
  • Rated: 10 Amp, 300 VAC
  • Housing: Polyamide 66, Blue
  • Terminals: Tin plated over Brass
  • Wire Cage: Nickel plated over Zinc Alloy
  • Wire Entry: Horizontal

Product Documents

Part # DescriptionSTEP ModelPDF Drawing
STB02Screw Terminal, 2-Pos
STB03Screw Terminal, 3-Pos

Pricing and Ordering

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STB02 Screw Terminal Block, 3.5mm Pitch, 2-Position $0.65 $0.61 $0.52 Yes
STB03 Screw Terminal Block, 3.5mm Pitch, 3-Position $0.75 $0.71 $0.62 Yes

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