RJ11/RJ12 Toolless Keystone Jacks


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  • RJ11/RJ12 Jack
  • Used for telephone connections
  • Fits Keystone wall plates
  • Toolless installation
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This product has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

General Description

These RJ11/RJ12 Keystone Jacks provide an excellent method of bringing phone, fax, and modem connections into any room. They fit into any standard keystone jack wall plate. Installation is easy and requires no special tools. For those not familiar with "toolless" jacks, the mechanism on the rear of the jack hinges up to allow wires to be inserted, then hinges back down to firmly seat the wires into their connections. A plastic "key" is included to lock the mechanism in place once all wires have been seated. These jacks should be used with 24 AWG solid wire, which most CAT3/CAT5 cables have.

These jacks are white in color.

Installation Instructions

  1. Strip back the outer jacket on the telephone cable (around 3/4" to 1" is typical) and separate the wire pairs.
  2. Open the plastic clamp on the keystone jack and insert one pair according to the colors shown on the jack. Which pair you do first does not matter, although it generally works best to work from one end to the other. Insert the wires at approximately a 45° angle, trying to insert as close to the plastic clamp hinge as possible.
  3. Close the plastic clamp (this forces the wires down into the insulation displacement prongs) to connect that pair of wires.
  4. For each remaining pair, reopen the plastic clamp, insert, and close. Do not try to clamp all wires at once.
  5. When all wires are clamped in, insert the key lock behind the plastic clamp to secure it closed.

These jacks show the multi-color telecom colors (white with blue stripe, etc.) since they are intended to be used with CAT3/CAT5 cabling. Each slot's wire color is indicated by a two-colored line. The long color indicates the predominant color of the wire and the short color indicates the stripe color of the wire. If at some point you need to connect to the solid-colored wires often used in homes, the standard cross-reference is as follows:

  CAT3/CAT5 Colors Solid Colors
RJ11/12 Pin Wire Color Stripe Wire Color
1 White Green White
2 White Orange Black
3 Blue White Red
4 White Blue Green
5 Orange White Yellow
6 Green White Blue
For a single, standard telephone line, only the blue pair (red & green) is used.

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