DIN Rail Mounting Clips, 5mm Width, Plastic

DINM05 (Top End)

DINM05 (Top End)
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DINM05 (Top End)
DINM05 (Latch End)
DINM05 (Side)
  • Narrow, Low Profile
  • Clips onto 35mm DIN rail
  • Material: Nylon (Polyamide) 66
  • Color: Orange
  • 5mm x 33mm Mounting Surface
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General Description

These thin and low profile DIN rail mounting brackets come in handy for a variety of projects where DIN rail is used for mounting devices. The small size of these clips is especially helpful when mounting small PCBs or other devices, avoiding wasted product space that larger clips would require. The flat mounting surface and the three mounting holes make this clip versatile for mounting devices that do not have their own DIN rail mounting clip. This clip is designed for 35mm DIN rail.

We also offer a variety of other clips here.

Installation and Removal from DIN Rail

The easiest method of attaching the clips to DIN rail is to simply hook the top end onto the top lip of the rail, then pivot/push the bottom (latch) end of the clip until it snaps onto the rail.

The clip can be removed two different ways:

DINM05 Bottom-First Removal
  • Bottom-first removal: Use a flat screwdriver in the slot of the bottom (latch) end of the clip to release the latch's grip on the rail, then pivot and lift the clip up and off the rail.
DINM05 Top First Removal
  • Top-first removal: Lift the clip (or more likely, the product mounted to the clips) enough to allow unhooking the top end from the rail, then pivot and lower to release the bottom (latch) end. The Flex Stop integrated into the clip helps to protect against over-flexing the latch during top-first removal. Top-first removal can be a helpful feature when the latches are difficult to reach.

Product Documents

Part #DescriptionPDF DrawingDWG DrawingIGES ModelSTEP Model
DINM05DIN Rail Mounting Clip, 5mm WidthPDF DWG IGES CAD

DIN Rail Mounting Clip, 5mm Width


Pricing and Ordering

Product # Description 1+ 10+ 100+ 500+ 1000+ RoHS Buy Now
DINM05 DIN Rail Mounting Clip, Plastic, 5x33mm Mounting Surface, Orange $0.89 $0.82 $0.78 $0.69 $0.64  Yes

RoHS   Yes
DIN Rail Mounting Clip, Plastic, 5x33mm Mounting Surface, Orange



The mounting holes of the DINM05 clips are non-threaded. Coarse thread #4 screws should be used. When mounting a standard 0.062" PCB, #4 x 3/8" Sheet Metal screws are a good choice. We sell a couple compatible options but typically recommend p/n SCSMPP-4-C-0.375-100. These have a small head size to not exceed the width of the DINM05 clip, and a blunt tip to maximize thread engagement. They can be ordered below, or, other sheet metal screw varieties are available here.

Product # Description 1+ 5+ 10+ RoHS Buy Now
SCSMPP-4-C-0.375-100 Screws, Sheet Metal, #4 x 3/8, Phillips, Small Pan Head, Blunt Tip, Bag of 100 $8.00 $7.45 $7.25  Yes

RoHS   Yes
Screws, Sheet Metal, #4 x 3/8, Phillips, Small Pan Head, Blunt Tip, Bag of 100

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