Breadboard Adapters Combo Pack


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  • Header pins pitch: 0.1"
  • Get a set of 4 adapters at a discounted price.
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General Description

These handy adapters convert DB9 and DB25 connectors into standard 0.1" pin header spacing, allowing use in breadboards, perfboard, and prototyping projects.

This combo pack includes 4 adapters for the popular DB9 and DB25 connectors:

PBC9FV2 Adapter with DB9 Female Connector
PBC9MV2 Adapter with DB9 Male Connector
PBC25F Adapter with DB25 Female Connector
PBC25M Adapter with DB25 Male Connector

As electronics hobbyists and professionals know, the odd pin spacing on D-SUB connectors makes their use on breadboard and perfboard circuits difficult and awkward. These adapters finally provide an easy solution!

Product Documents

Part #DescriptionPDF Drawing
PBC9FV2DB9 Female Breadboard AdapterPDF
PBC9MV2DB9 Male Breadboard AdapterPDF
PBC25FDB25 Female Breadboard AdapterPDF
PBC25MDB25 Male Breadboard AdapterPDF

DB9 Female Breadboard Adapter


DB9 Male Breadboard Adapter


DB25 Female Breadboard Adapter


DB25 Male Breadboard Adapter


Pricing and Ordering

Product # Description PriceRoHS Buy Now
PBCCOMBO D-SUB Breadboard Adapters Combo: PBC9FV2, PBC9MV2, PBC25F, PBC25M $27.99  Yes

RoHS   Yes
D-SUB Breadboard Adapters Combo: PBC9FV2, PBC9MV2, PBC25F, PBC25M

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